• Custom Designed Computer Systems - Satisfy application or individual requirements with quality components at reasonable prices with an upgrade path to the future technologies.
  • Standard Computer Systems and Notebook Computers - similar to, or exceeding the capabilities of National Manufacturers also providing an upgrade path to the future technologies.
  • Computer Upgrades - Updating antiquated hardware to current technology providing new hardware processing power and software capabilities, a cost effective solution to constantly changing technologies.
  • Networks - Designing and installing Network capabilities for small businesses from cabling to Windows NT, Novel or peer to peer solutions. We now offer home network solutions using existing home telephone wire.
  • Retail Area and Mail Order - Offering a selection of hardware and software to customers and clients with immediate availability and over 12,000 products available with next day delivery in most cases from our On-Line Store.
  • Hardware and Software Services - Diagnosing problems and servicing any brand computer system in our shop or in the customer's home or office.
  • Vendor Authorizations - Benq, AOPEN, Compaq, ACER Peripherals, Authorized Seagate Partner, Netgear, Okidata, Palm, HP Partner and MAXTOR National VIP certificate.
  • Offsite Backup- We offer internet backup services to ensure your most valuable data is safe and secure. One of our sales reps  can consult with you to provide a solution for business or personal needs.
  • Internet Services - We presently offer MWISP for Dialup and various DSL Solutions (button below) as service providers for the Internet and Pair Networks for WEB Page Hosting. WEB development, management and maintenance services.